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Shenzhen Sculpfun Technology Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Module, Accessories-Honeycomb, Accessories-Rotary Roller, Accessories-Expanding Kit
Ranked #3 most popular in Laser Engraving MachinesCompetitive OEM factoryCooperated suppliers (15)Annual export US $12,000,000Full customization

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Brand Story

 2023 The Best Laser Engraver for Beginners

|Sculpfun S30 Ultra 11W 22W 33W|

1. It has all the advanced functions of the S30 series including automatic air assist, linear guide rail, limit switch, and replaceable lens.


2. Three power options are available, 11W, 22W, and 33W. When upgrading the power, you only need to replace the laser, and everything else does not need to be changed, including the same cable and power supply. (The power is slightly larger than the S30 series, which is why I delayed the release of the S30 20W upgrade laser head)

3. The standard engraving size is 600x600mm (real erea), which is a very practical area, and you don't need to frequently upgrade the machine area. In future machines, you just need to upgrade the lasers.

4. Added safety emergency stop switch and key lock. A Bluetooth antenna has been added, and the Bluetooth connection can be used directly by default.